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RSD Affordable

1. Tax Credit

1.1. Self Cert Quick Guide

1.2. Quick Guide - 7S Process - Reporting

1.3. Yardi Affordable Tax Credit Rent Change (A.K.A Market Rent Update)

1.4. Yardi Affordable Verification Letters Guide

1.5. Affordable Housing LIHTC Leasing Workflow Training Guide 7S

1.6. Affordable Housing LIHTC Waiting List Training Guide 7S

1.7. Waiting List Tool 6.12.22

1.8. Major Disaster Relief Guide

2. HUD

2.1. Yardi Affordable Report Quick Reference Guide 060717

2.2. Affordable Housing HUD 50059 Termination Certification Training Guide 7S

2.3. Affordable Housing HUD 50059 Interim Recertification Training Guide 7S

2.4. Affordable Housing HUD 50059 Correction Certification Training Guide 7S

2.5. Affordable Housing Layered 50059 and LIHTC Waiting List Training Guide 7S

2.6. HUD Lease Renewal Guide

2.7. Special Claims Quick Guide

2.8. Waiting List Tool 6.12.22

3. Local Programs

3.1. Local Program Certification Quick Guide Final

3.2. Local Program Cert Stack Copy Down


4.1. Affordable Housing LIHTC and RD Leasing Workflow Training Guide 7S